Capacitive Touch Sensor

Shin-Etsu Polymer developed a range of touch sensors based on various conductive materials printed or deposited on ultra thin films. The conductive materials are developed for mounting behind bended surface panels to provide curved touch surfaces. The combination of optical clear base film and transparent conductive material creates optically clear and transparent sensors.

Conductive materials used:

  • Coated conductive polymer SEPLEGYDA® – high transparent conductive surface for touch switches.
  • Printed silver or carbon patterning – printing mesh structures for touch switches and touchpads.
  • Etched metal patterning – patterns for touchpads.

Shin-Etsu Polymer’s Thin and Light, PET film with patterning a transparent conductive polymer called “SEPLEGYDA®”, providing capacitive touch sensor elements. The Transparent polymer SEPLEGYDA® is providing the sensor the unique flexibility that offers designers the freedom to position the capacitive sensor functionality on curved surface.


  • Thin and Light
    Shin-Estu Touch switch products are thin and light because of using the thin-PET film base.
  • Various Design
    Using the unique materials for the conductive, Combine our production technologies and materials that provides innovative or well designed solutions to your products.
  • Capacity Sensor Sheet
  • Capacitive sensor in PC touchpad
  • Connection tail with ZIF-end
  • Touch Switch with SEPLEGYDA® transparent sensor elements.


  • Trackpad sensor in Notebook application
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