Shin-Etsu Polymer America’s Products

Shin-Etsu Polymer develops and produces a range of electro-mechanical components, mechanical parts and optical parts for the electronics industry. All products are designed and produced to custom requirements in production facilities spread over the world. The global presence of Shin-Etsu offers short communication lines, made in market, cost efficiency and short response times and makes our product fully fit to custom requirements in technical, commercial and logistic sense.

Shin-Etsu Polymer manufactures an array of automobile products including switch devices, electrical inter-connectors, interior decorating sheets and environmentally friendly compounds.

Shin-Etsu Polymer has developed several original conductive silicone rubber products. Many of these have been adopted in a wide range of electrical and electronic products, most notably in the cell phone and others.

Medical & Chemical Products

By advancing our compounding techniques and composite technology, which have been refined over many years, we are responding to the diverse global production demands of the medical industry.

AF-type Application 02

Demand for higher product quality is increasing as semiconductor devices and packaging materials become progressively smaller and more integrated.

Shin-Etsu Polymer group recognizes that the work for environmental conservation is the one of most priority issues for our operation.

Technology and R&D

Shin-Etsu Polymer’s Technology & Production Unit refines core technologies and formulates new technologies in collaboration with the relevant business units.

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Let’s Work Together!

Shin-Etsu Polymer started out in 1960 as a processing subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Shin-Etsu Polymer will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2020. As we move toward that milestone, we will further enhance our business foundation and fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporation, such as contributing to the conservation of the global environment, to achieve sustainable growth.