Medical & Chemical Product

Shin-Etsu Polymer handles products for medical and biotech applications. In response to requests from medical equipment manufactures worldwide, we use advanced materials to offer solutions based on our unique silicone processing technology.
We have developed various products for use in medical equipment, and we are expanding to “SUPPORT” the global markets.

  • Silicone Rubber Medical Appliances - 01
  • Silicone Rubber Medical Appliances - 02

Medical Devices & Components

We use silicone rubber to manufacture silicone parts for use in such fields as catheters, anesthetics, surgery and dialysis, using patented processing and formulation technology in a stable mass-production process.

  • Silicosen (Culture Plugs) - 01
  • Silicosen (Culture Plugs) - 02

Culture Plugs

Culture Plugs for medical and laboratory use. Special plugs are durable, easy to clean and reuse. Silicosen Bio-Silico is a sponge plug made using a forming technology and designed for permeable and bacillus-safe test tubes. Bio-Silico is durable, easy to use, and suitable for cultivation.

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