Automotive Products

Shin-Etsu Polymer manufactures an array of automobile products including switch devices, electrical inter-connectors, interior decorating sheets and environmentally friendly compounds. We seek to satisfy our customers’ needs for safe, lightweight, and creative products while bearing in mind immediate and evolving environmental issues.

Medical & Chemical Products

Shin-Etsu Polymer handles products for medical and biotech applications. In response to requests from medical equipment manufactures worldwide, we use advanced materials to offer solutions based on our unique silicone processing technology.
We have developed various products for use in medical equipment, and we are expanding into global markets.

Electrical & Electronic Products

Shin-Etsu Polymer has developed several original conductive silicone rubber products. Many of these have been adopted in a wide range of electrical and electronic products, most notably in the cell phone and components of office automation (OA) devices applied by various technologies (i.e., conductive control, anisotropic conductivity forming, thin layer film forming, and foaming technologies).

Semiconductor Material Products

At Shin-Etsu Polymer, all manufacturing processes for wafer containers are handled in clean rooms to minimize the possibility of particle contamination in the materials of the containers, which are used in front-end processing of semiconductor devices.

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