GB-Matrix type Inter-Connectors consist of multiple rows of metal filaments embedded symmetrically in a sheet of insulating silicone rubber. Since the pitch or the thickness is changeable up to electrode layout, GB-Matrix type is used for comprehensive applications such as PCB, assembly and testing device.

Outline Dimensions:

GB-Matrix Outline Dimensions-01
GB-Matrix Outline Dimensions-02
  • GB-Matrix-type of Inter-Connector


  • Application HDD

Dimensions and Tolerances:

Item Units Standard
Pitch (Length direction) P mm 0.05+0.03/-0.01 0.1±0.05 0.20±0.05
Pitch (Width direction) PS mm 0.25±0.05, 0.6±0.05
Length L mm 2.0~25.0±0.2, 25.1~50.0±0.3
Width W mm 2.0~25.0±0.2, 25.1~50.0±0.3
Thickness t mm 0.3~2.5±0.05
Filament diameter μm 30 40 40
*1 Pitch alignment can be custom-made.
*2 Special design is available on request.
Max. size: 200L x 50W
Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector has been registered in European Community, TM No.000299016, and in the United States of America, TM No.2078941.

Basic Properties:

Item Unit Values
Contact resistance * Ω ≦0.1
Current carrying capacity mA 500
Insulation resistance (DC 500V) 1 x 103
Operationg temperature range ºC -25~85
*The test is carried out with Shin-Etsu’s own method.

Compression-Resistance Graph

Compression load-resistance curves
Sample size: 0.1P x 0.25PS x 0.3t
Electrode pattern 0.15mm x 5.0mm x gold plated PCB

Compression Load-Volume Curves

Compression load-compression amount curves

Current Carrying Capacity

Current carrying capacity
Every item or numerical value indicated herein is measured by Shin-Etsu and out of guarantee.
The quality of the connector, which has been already assembled, is out of guarantee.
Please make sure to see about the purpose/conditions of use and practice your own test. Industrial ownership like patent doesn’t guarantee the usage of the connector.
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