Silicone Lens for Ultrasound Probes

We manufacture custom silicone acoustic lenses for ultrasound medical transducer applications. Ultrasound scanning systems are widely used for medical imaging and diagnostics. A piezoelectric element in the ultrasound probe projects a sound beam into the human body and scans the reflection to produce an image. The molded silicone acoustic lens enables optimum transmission of this sound beam; while protecting the probe.

The design and shape of the lens is customized to the application and we have various compounding of material options with unique acoustic properties to select from.

We also offer below added thin films to the silicone lens:

  • Polyimide (PI) film assembled to the lens to protect the electronic sound sensor from environmental influences and increase chemical resistance.
  • Copper film assembled to the lens to support EMI protection

These films would be designed-in to co-mold to the bottom surface of the lens.  Below are reference specifications for one of our specialized material.  Please contact us about your application material specifications.

  • Probe in use
  • US scan
  • Sinegle Lens
  • Ultrasound Probe
  • 2 Lens
  • Lens with scale
Item Measurement Unit Value
Hardness Shore A 70
Density g/cc 1.4
Velocity mm/us 1.026
Acoustic Impedance MRayl 1.41
Acoustic Attenuation at 3.5 MHz dB/mm 2.30
PI backing film thickness (option) µm 7.5 / 12.5 / 15/ 25
Cu film thickness for EMI protection (option) µm > 9

If you require any further information about products, feel free to contact us.