Shin-Etsu Lightframe®

Shin-Etsu Lightframe reduces conductive particles by using metal tape frame and improves the reliability for packages.


  • Conductive particles reduction
  • Light weight
  • Ease of operation
  • Suitable for RF-ID tags
  • Conformance to SEMI Standard (300 mm dia, conforming to SEMI G87-1108)


  • Frames for wafer dicing process

Conductive Remnant(Particles) Reduction:

Frame Frame Cassette Particle Element
SUS-frame AI-cassette Fe, Cr, AI
Lightframe AI-cassette Resin, Fe, Cr
SUS-frame Lightcassette Resin, Fe, Cr
Lightframe Lightcassette Resin


Product List:

Product code and name Wafer size External diameter Internal diameter Width Thickness Remarks
300LF-EP 300mm wafer 400mm 350mm 380mm 2.5mm Bar-code label type
200LF-FF 8inch wafer 296mm 250mm 276mm 2.0mm Full flat type
200LF-EP 8inch wafer 296mm 250mm 276mm 2.0mm Bar-code label type
150LF-FF 6inch wafer 228mm 194mm 212mm 1.5mm Full flat type
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