We mainly provide wafer containers and other semiconductor-related packaging and carrying materials created using world-leading technologies including materials development, precision molding and evaluation.

Wafer manufacturers use wafer shipping boxes for wafer shipments, and device manufacturers use front opening unified pods (“FOUP”) to hold wafers during process handling. Shin-Etsu Polymer’s wafer shipping boxes and “FOUP” products have an excellent track record.

Technological strengths include evaluation technologies such as material engineering and wafer investigation, clean environment control, precision molding and design that precisely meet evolving customer requirements. As the leading supplier of semiconductor- related wafer containers, Shin-Etsu Polymer maintains a large share of the 300mm front-opening shipping box (“FOSB”) and “FOUP” wafer container markets.


  • Single molded structure to minimize cleaning drying cycle time, prevent particle generation and to maintain dimensional accuracy.
  • Capable of conductivity through top, shell/teeth to bottom and side-rails to dissipate electric charge.
  • Roller Clamping Latch Mechanism assures complete door closing.
  • Outstanding sealing capability to prevent particles and contamination from environment.
  • Long life including gasket.
  • Optional inert gas purge.


  • Conforms to SEMI Standards
    E47.1, E1.9, E15.1, E57, E62 and S8
  • AMHS capability
    Robust design featuring in automated material handling system operating 8kg payload with overhead transport (OHT), automated-guided vehicle (AGV), person-guided vehicle (PGV). and forklift conveyors, loadports, storage or stocker shelves and workstations properly working with.


Conductive Side Rails

Conductive Side Rails

Bar Code & RF ID Tag

Bar Code & RF ID Tag

UV Cut Window & Card Case

UV Cut Window & Card Case

Color Option

FOUP 300EX - Red

FOUP 300EX – Red

FOUP 300EX - Blue

FOUP 300EX – Blue

FOUP 300EX - Gray

FOUP 300EX – Gray

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