The key-top type of keypads are based on molded silicone rubber. The symbols and graphics on the keypad are printed. The printing can be a positive (symbols printed) or negative printing (area around symbols is printed). The ink that is used is also based on silicone rubber and has a long-life due to the degree of cross-linking with the silicone key-top.

For special long life requirements Shin-Etsu can offer special protective layers/coatings:

  • Silicone moulded shape
  • Transparent coloured coating (image colour)
  • Dark colour coating
  • Laser cutting of symbols and images
  • Protective overcoating

Several colors (translucent and non-translucent) of silicone can be applied.
The KT- and KTP-types are widely used in telecommunication, car-audio, remote control units and instruments.

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