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Shin-Etsu Polymer offers total solutions derived from time proven competence. Please review application examples that illustrate the actual usage of Shin-Etsu Polymer.

Mobile phone and the other communication devices commonly deploy display module in COG form. Because of the highly potent characteristics of silicone, low resistance metal type inter-connector is widely adopted not only for the electrical interconnect but also as a shock absorber. more detail
In developing the automotive parts and materials, Shin-Etsu Polymer blends the most advanced technology and reliability with our long experience on resin formations. more detail
Flat panel display module:
Shin-Etsu Inter-connector is a preferred inter-connects method for today's flat panel displays. For COG application, GB-U type and MG type connectors offer easier assembly and remarkably low resistance Z-axis connection. more detail
Integrated Circuit Mounting:
Proven to be decidedly reliable, Shin-Etsu Inter-connector RP type is widely used for solder-less mounting of semiconductor devices for production. The RP type is based on newly developed low resistance silver elastomer. Custom contact design and height variations ensure "Fit" for your application. more detail
Semiconductor device inspection:
Because of the low profile nature of elastomer based connector, Shin-Etsu MT type is widely adopted for the functional testing of high frequency semiconductors devices. MT type offers 1.0mm (typical) short signal path that yield RF characteristics unmatched by mechanical connector. more detail
Board to Board application:
Ideal for many different applications, Shin-Etsu inter-connector is also implemented for board to board application. GB-matrix type has high density metal wire embedded on elastomer sheet ideally suited for connection of FPCB to ridged PCB. more detail
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