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Based on highly sophisticated technology, Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector offers total inter-connect solutions.

Metal Contact Type:
Low resistance Z-axis metal type inter-connector is based on gold plated fine pitch wire or pin. Preferred interconnect solution for LCD module and also suitable for high density PCB to PCB connection.
GB-E type GB-U type
Compound Type:
Founded on proven production skills, Shin-Etsu offers compounded inter-connect solution based on Silicone and Metal Contact into holder and frame. The example of secondary process includes Microphone and speaker connector for mobile communication device.
GB-MIC type GB-Speaker type    
Anisotropic Conductive Sheet:
An anisotropic conductive sheet based on carbon or gold plated metal wire offer exceptionally good high frequency characteristics and repeatability for IC device test and evaluation.
MT-X type MT-P type MAF-type  
AF-type GB-Matrix type    
File Type:
The film type heat seal connector based on polyester or polyimide substrate with conductive line made of either carbon ink, silver ink, or copper foil is ideal inter-connect solution for Display unit and PCB to PCB connection where space is limited.
JC-type JS-type    
Z-Axis Zebra Type:
Z-axis zebra type inter-connector is made of conductive silicone rubber. Sandwich between target device and PCB will make a reliable inter-connection. Along with well established carbon type connector, with addition of metal particle type conductive silicone used by MS and MG type offer lower resistance than that of carbon type inter-connector.
MS-type S-type SS-type SG-type
SP-type SEC-type SX-type L-type  
The none-conductive elastomer, DM type is an ideal solution for FPD module spacer.
DM type has range of choices in selection of rubber hardness, adhesive tape, and surface processes. VCF is highly transparent view control film ideal for use in automotive application and mobile communication devices where light shield is needed.
VCF-type DM-type Assist Carrier    
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