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The assembled plastic keypads (API) combine plastic keys with a silicone base. The plastic keys can be transparent with printing on the backside, spray-coated or metalization. The silicone base is made of translucent material giving an excellent backlighting.
As to the assembly there are several ways for attaching the keys to the silicone:
  • transparent plastic keys, printed at the backside that are glued to the silicone
  • plastic keys pushed onto the silicone ("push-fit")
This type of keypad can be used in combination with PET- or metal domes and is widely used in mobile phones, automotive and payment terminals.

Main features:

  • if printing is at backside of keys: no abrasion of symbols
  • very good backlighting
  • dirt and grease cannot penetrate the key top

For cellular and automotive applications:
For cellular and automotive applications, the keys can be equipped with printings, providing an exact same appearance as the housing panels or interior panels, using Mille-tint Film.

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