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API Type:
The assembled plastic keypads (API) combine plastic keys with a silicone base. The plastic keys can be transparent with printing on the backside, spray-coated or metalization. The silicone base is made of translucent material giving an excellent backlighting. more detail
FB Type:
This film-type keypad is based on a vacuum formed printed film providing low key height and excellent graphics durability. The film is printed on the backside and formed to its final shape by vacuum forming (2 steps). more detail
HG Type:
The keypad with laser etched graphics/symbols have basically been developed in order to improve visibility in the dark by applying back lighted graphics/symbols. The HG type is a transparent silicone keypad with a black or dark coating. The graphics are laser etched. more detail
IPAS Type:
Shin-Etsu Polymer developed a new printing system for keypads enabling free digital processed design of printing on keys; intelligent advanced printing system (IPAS). more detail
IF Type:
With the integrated function (IF) of keypad, metal domes are directly bonded to the key's actuator instead of using a separate metal dome sheet. more detail
In-mold Type:
In-mold (IM) type of keypads are a combination of injection molded plastic parts and liquid silicone material molded around the plastic parts. more detail
Inner Type:
The inner-type of keypad is assembled between plastic key tops and a printed circuit board (PCB). It replaces mechanical switches and operates like typical electric push button switches. more detail
KTP Type:
The key-top type of keypads is based on molded silicone rubber. The symbols and graphics on the keypad are printed. The printing can be a positive (symbols printed) or negative printing (area around symbols is printed). more detail
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