The trend in today's technology is an ever-decreasing scale and increasing functional integration. Within electronics equipment, these result in fine-pitch connections and low resistance, high frequencies and high current density requirements.

Problems caused by this trend include higher assembly costs and soldering ability of electronic components and connectors.

As a pioneer of elastomeric Inter-Connectors, Shin-Etsu offers a wide range of Z-axis conductive elastomeric Inter-Connectors and heat seal Inter-Connectors which connects various kinds of Liquid Crystal Displays and a wide range of other components like microphones, speakers, antenna, buzzers, Multi-Chip-Modules, MEMS and PCB's. In addition, a new range of metal spring pins in plastic frames have been developed.

All of the Inter-Connectors are custom-made per end-users design and requirements using standardised technologies that do not require special tooling in most cases.

Using these technologies, many derivative shapes are designed to solve a variety of interconnection problems from very small scale, high current, medium or low-volume applications (like professional test equipments).

For the various applications, special materials have been developed in collaboration with our mother company, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. in Japan, to provide specific characteristics like low-contact resistances, high durability and low relaxation.