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Capacity Sensor Sheet is designed to keep the FPC/PCB flat and still in position during the mounting process.

Lightweight and Thin
Base Film thickness (PET) : 25 um

ITO, which has a metal film, can not be bent and, thus, cannot be mounted on curved surfaces. JCS can.

Various conductive materials to choose
carbon, silver or transparent type

Fine-pitch 0.2mm with the Silver type

Compatible with multi-touch functionality


SEPLEGYDATM (Base materials):
"SEPLEGYDATM" is our original highly transparent,
organic conductive polymer solution on PEDOT-PSS
- {Poly(3,4-ethylendioxy thiophene)
- Poly (styrene sulfonate)}.

Water based UV curing ink that can withstand various conditions.
- Resistance Value (500Ω/sqr)
- Heat resistance (-50°C →+95°C) / humidity resistance(-10°C →+65°C 93%RH 10 cycles)
Illumination examples:

Can designate printing area
(excluding number and letters)

The key (entire sensor) is printed

Compare with:
FPC (letters/numbers)

- Need punching
- Tearing from holes
- Costly
Compare with:

- Cannot print both sides
- Misalignment
- Air bubble between sensors
Conductive material:
Type Material Surface Resistance (ohm/sq.) Thickness (um) Transparency
JCS-C Carbon-type (NST-1) 100 or less 10-20 Non
JCS-S Silver-type (TSC-2511) 0.5 or less 8-16 Non
JCS-T Transparent-type "SEPLEGYDATM" 500-1000 According to thickness 0.3-5.0 Yes
Application examples:
Touchpad (e.g. Notebook PC)

Button-less console (e.g. Next generation automobiles)
Multi-functional electronic control panels
Realizing a highly futuristic input device with your imagination
3D forming:

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