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 Flat panel display module
Shin-Etsu Inter-connector is a preferred inter-connects method for today's flat panel displays. For COG application, GB-U type and MG type connectors offer easier assembly and remarkably low resistance Z-axis connection. As for COB application, our J type heat seal connector offer greater design flexibilities and time proven S and SS type offer superior price advantages.

SS-type Inter-Connector consists of alternate layers of conductive and insulating silicone rubber and of rubber insulators with less stiffness, which are fitted on both sides. This type is suitable for small- or middle-sized displays. more detail
SEC/SX-type Inter-Connector has lower resistance in the conductive part. This type of connector is suitable for the large LCD display, which is a monochrome STN type. Furthermore, it could be used between PCBs besides LCD because of its much lower resistance. more detail
JC Type:
JC-type Inter-Connector is a heat seal connector that is made up of a polyester film as a substrate, and carbon conductive lines printed on the film. JC-type is coated with an anisotropic conductive adhesive. JC-type is useful for LCD's applications. more detail
JS Type:
JS-type Inter-Connectors consist of conductive silver/carbon traces printed on polyester film. Adhesive material, in which conductive particle is dispersed, is applied to the traces to heat-seal the connectors to other components. The adhesive type has the altermative of KN or LA. more detail
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