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Shin-Etsu Polymer develops and produces a range of electro-mechanical components, mechanical parts and optical parts for the electronics industry. All products are designed and produced to custom requirements in production facilities spread over the world. The global presence of Shin-Etsu offers short communication lines, made in market, cost efficiency and short response times and makes our product fully fit to custom requirements in technical, commercial and logistic sense.

As the world's top leader for keypads Shin-Etsu is delivering keypads for cellular phones, computers, mobile terminals and automotive electronic equipment. With extensive R&D Shin-Etsu is always looking for state of the art keypad technologies. List Page
Trend in today's technology is an ever-decreasing scale and increasing functional integration. Within electronics equipment, these results in fine pitch connections and low resistance, high frequencies and high current density requirements.
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Shin-Etsu Polymer offers total solutions derived from time proven competence. Please review application examples that illustrate the actual usage of Shin-Etsu Polymer. List Page
Usage Example of Mobile Phone
We provide compound functionalities in one inter-connector by combining microphone and connector, speaker and connector in one manageable unit.

Usage Example of VCF®
VCF® is constructed of minute black silicone rubber louvers that are placed in a transparent silicone rubber.
Switch Device
Electrical Inter-Connection
Decorative Film
Wiper Rubber
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