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 Technology Development Headquarters
Primarily responsible for formulating and executing technology development strategies. It is currently made up of six organizations that work in close cooperation to develop newtechnologies, new products and new businesses.

Basic Policy of R&D Activities:
Basic Policy
As the "Technology-Oriented Producer", Shin-Etsu Polymer aims to plan and implement corporate-wide R&D theme through collaboration between R&D Center and all business departments. We also intend to establish new core businesses by constantly developing new products that can be expanded into key next-generation products.

Action Guideline
Shin-Etsu Polymer aims to stimulate interest and dedication to research and development throughout the company, and revitalized R&D activities. We will implement and efficient system that enables us developing market-oriented products timely. For each R&D theme, we establish the project team that brings together the R&D Center and technology development teams from relevant business departments.

Our Core Technology
With over 40 years' experiences and expertise of resin processing manufacturing, Shin-Etsu Polymer has our core technology of "the material preparation technology". We continue to develop the material preparation technology for functional resins such as conductive materials. In addition, we try expanding our core technology to microscope precision processing field to provide innovative products for wide range of business applications.

R&D Center Organization & Responsibility:
Overview of Materials Preparation Technology:
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